Options for Business Insurance in Oklahoma City OK

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Insurance

The best way to protect a business is to make sure it is properly insured. There are basic insurance policies, such as property, company vehicle, liability, and workers compensation that all businesses should have, and then there are other available policies for Business Insurance in Oklahoma City OK. Depending on the nature of the business, how many employees work there, the location, and the risks involved, basic policies may not be enough to protect it completely. Owning a business is the biggest financial venture people will make in their life times, so extra protection is a wise investment.

Start by having all policies reviewed by an independent insurance agent. The agent can explain exactly what areas of the business is covered, and what added policies may be needed. The results may surprise many business owners. Property insurance policies, for example, may only cover the primary location of the business. That means that a storage unit, a garage for vehicles, or a secondary location may not be included in coverage, even if it is owned or rented by the business. If inventory that is stored off the premises is damaged or stolen, the business may not be reimbursed for those losses. Consider how much money that can add up to, and making sure all inventory and storage units are covered makes perfect sense. The event of fire in a storage unit is not the time to discover the inventory was not covered.

Another option for Business Insurance in Oklahoma City OK is an umbrella policy. That takes care of any payments that are higher than regular policy limits. A liability lawsuit is filed against the business, for example, and the award is determined to be two-million dollars. The basic liability policy limit is one-million dollars. The umbrella policy would pay out the additional million dollars to cover the total payment. That type of policy can make the difference between remaining in business, or losing everything. An umbrella policy is not essential, and not every business owner will feel the need to have one, but taking the time to look over policy limits may help owners make that decision. It may be possible to increase regular policy limits for a lower cost than the premium of another policy. Owners can click here to know more about available policies, options for current policies, and pricing.

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