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The Perils of Driving Without Vehicle Insurance in Capitola, CA

Choosing to drive any type of motor vehicle without the minimum amount of coverage required by the state of California puts everyone at risk. Even careful drivers who have never been involved in an accident will find that choosing to skip the purchase of Vehicle Insurance in Capitola CA is not the best idea. Here is what can happen if it comes to light that the car owner has chosen to not invest in a reasonable amount of coverage.

Routine Stops

Whether the reason for the stop was a broken light or a failure to signal a turn, the officer is sure to ask to see the driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. Unless the driver can produce something to confirm the coverage, there will be a penalty in the form of a fine. What many people don’t realize is the ultimate cost is more than the fine.

Along with the fine, the driver will also be liable for what is known as a penalty assessment. The assessment will be more than the actual fine. By the time the total amount is determined, the driver could have easily paid for several months of coverage.

Keep in mind that if a second offense occurs, those fines and assessments will only increase. The result is those two stops could easily amount to more than the driver would pay for an entire year of Vehicle Insurance in Capitola CA.

Don’t forget that the officer also has the option of having the vehicle impounded, based on the specific reasons for the stop.

Being Involved in an Accident

If the cost of routine stops is not incentive enough, think about what happens when some sort of collision takes place. Even if the driver is not at fault, there will be penalties, up to and including losing the driver’s license for a period of one year. In order to restore driving privileges, the vehicle owner must provide proof of insurance and financial responsibility for the vehicle. Any subsequent events where no coverage is present will lead to license suspensions that could last for up to four years.

The best approach is to secure vehicle insurance and maintain it responsibly. Visit us website today and get the process rolling. While the hope is that the coverage is never needed, having it in place minimizes the potential for legal issues and eases the financial burden if a covered event does take place.