Motorcycle Insurance in Capitola: Considerations When Loaning a Bike to a Friend

A motorcycle owner may want to let a trusted friend borrow the bike occasionally. Before doing so, it’s important to understand how Motorcycle Insurance in Capitola works in this type of situation. It the other person isn’t covered by anyone’s insurance, this puts the owner at significant risk in case that individual gets into an accident.

Motorcycle Insurance in Capitola typically covers the occasional rider if anything untoward occurs. The owner will want to check with his or her agent first, however. If the policy doesn’t include someone who borrows the bike with permission, the individual may need to change policies or even switch to a different insurance company.

What can happen if the borrower gets into a wreck? Perhaps there was no other vehicle involved, but the person ran off the road due to inattention or trying to avoid hitting wildlife. If there’s no coverage for that person according to the policy, the owner is out the money for the bike. The policy won’t pay for repair work or replacement of the motorcycle if the borrower is not covered by the owner’s insurance. In most cases, the insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. Even if the borrower has motorcycle insurance of his or her own, it probably won’t apply while riding someone else’s bike.

Lending the motorcycle on a longer-term basis also can be problematic. The borrower may need a vehicle to get to work and back for a few weeks, for example. If this is the case, the owner will probably want to include the borrower on the policy. Two other possibilities would be to take out a policy specifically for the other person or have that person buy insurance. The policy can be canceled once the motorcycle is returned and the insurance is no longer needed.

Not all insurers allow these options, so it’s important to consult an independent agency such as Coast Auto Insurance Services. They work with numerous insurers and are not bound to any company in particular. They can find the best policy for each particular scenario. Please visit the website for information on this particular agency.