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Why Choose A Private Company Transfer Agent

Many privately-held companies choose to work with a professional for their recordkeeping, especially if they use stock options instead of other benefits. If you’re considering a private company transfer agent or haven’t given it much thought yet, you want to consider how they can benefit you. Many of them come with more unique platforms that save you money, allowing you to reduce fees charged by larger firms or attorneys that may offer similar features.

Save Money

A private company transfer agent makes sure that everything is done correctly. They handle all the fees and are compliant with the rules of the government, which means you don’t have to pay legal fees because something went wrong. Along with such, they may offer package deals that can save money. You can also choose a-la-carte programs that fit your needs, so you only pay for the services you require.


If you require such things (or think they’d be easier), you should choose a private company transfer agent that offers electronic certificates. Not all of them do, but if they mention DTC Fast or DWAC, they likely do have it available. That way, they can issue stock certificates electronically, and each stockholder can view their information whenever they wish. Because it’s all electronic, you don’t have to worry about lost certificates and the fees that go along with replacing them.


Most privately held companies have to utilize an employee and ensure that they get adequate training. However, this usually isn’t enough, and your employee may suffer and mishandle things, at least at first. The legal issues that could arise are usually so many that most people focus on outsourcing their record keeping, which ensures that a professional handles everything. Plus, they’ve got the education and skills necessary. For more information visit Colonial Stock Transfer.