Use an Experienced Company to Assist With a Reg A Capital Raise

Operating a company with a broad base of loyal fans may provide you with enough brand recognition to raise capital. If you’ve got loyal followers interested in investing in your business, it may be best to utilize a Reg A capital raise. Tapping into your community may provide you with the capital needed to complete a project. To handle the significant volume of transactions, you’ll need to utilize a company that understands how to manage this process correctly.

Advantages of a Reg A Capital Raise

One of the most significant benefits of a Reg A capital raise is the ability it gives you to get listed on a national public exchange like the NASDAQ or NYSE. Using this option is typically less expensive than a traditional IPO, but it still involves stringent reporting requirements.

Working With an Experienced Company Can Help

When you have a strong demand for new issuance of shares from your community, you may want to utilize a “Mini-IPO.” Getting assistance from an experienced company that handles the duties required to manage and keep track of share allocations is vital. They can bring a great deal of knowledge to the table when they have helped other companies accomplish the same task in the past successfully.

Planning Is Essential

While using this option can be more affordable than an IPO, the process can be lengthy. You’ll also be required to have regulatory filings prepared correctly. Planning is essential when you’re taking steps towards this type of transition. If you’d like to get help from a company that handles this process regularly, be sure to visit Equity Track at

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