Selling Judgments for Cash Isn’t that Hard

Selling your judgment is easier than you might think. The problem is that many organizations out there will shortchange you when it comes to citing you a lump sum for the real estate lien you were awarded in court. These fly-by-night operations might try to give you a very low offer in the hopes of walking away with a deal that’s in their favor.

As a result, you’ll want to keep your eyes open when trading in any judgment on property held by someone you were forced to go up against in court.

Getting the Money You Deserve

Generally, you don’t want to have to wait around until the former defendant puts their property up for sale on the market. In fact, you might not have time to wait around. One of the biggest reasons people end up selling judgments for cash is that their counterparty is sitting on whatever property a lien was placed on. There have even been cases where someone does that out of spite.

In order to get the money you’re owed, you can try selling your judgment to a third party who will issue a lump sum based on the amount the property is currently worth. Fair deals will offer you something that’s at least fairly close to what you’re owed. While you normally won’t get the full value, you should be able to walk away from the table with enough to cover expenses or make needed purchases.

Selling Judgments for Cash to a Legitimate Organization

Long-standing firms like Mayflower Judgments are able to offer the best deals simply because they’ve been in business the longest. This length of time has afforded them the opportunity to build up a good amount of investment capital. Selling your judgment to this kind of organization will help ensure you get the money you deserve.