Plate Renewals; Get Your New License Tag over the Counter in No Time

Vehicle owners in Illinois must renew their vehicle registration annually. When renewing the registration, important steps must be taken. Renewing a license plate does not have to be difficult, but there are certain documents that must be presented during all renewals.

To ensure the renewal happens on time, the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles sends out a renewal notice before the expiration of the current year’s registration. Once the renewal notice has been received, the owner has one month in which he or she can affect the renewal. Although the Illinois DMV makes every effort to get a renewal notice to everyone, not receiving one does not mean that late fees and penalties will be waived.

Renewing in Person

If you opt to renew your license plates at a local Secretary of State office, you can expect long lines and correspondingly long waits. Wise drivers find that they get superior service at a currency exchange office in their neighborhood.

When you renew your sticker at a currency exchange office, you can get it over the counter in a matter of minutes.

Why Renew Your Sticker at a Local Currency Exchange?

It all boils down to convenience. There is no good reason to go out of your way, find a local DMV office, and then wait for hours. You can accomplish the same goal in a matter of minutes at a currency exchange. Renewal stickers are available for any month, and they are available instantly.

Time is important, but there are other very good reasons for using the services of currency exchange. You walk out with the sticker. There is no chance that it will be misplaced or delayed if it is mailed to you. It is difficult for many people to find time during a weekday to renew their license at the DMV. As currency exchange offices are open on weekends and in the evening, renewals can be made at your convenience.

Plate renewals in Illinois are an annual requirement. For your current year license tag, visit any branch of West Suburban Currency Exchanges. For information on all WSCE services, visit