Money Transfer Services: Getting Fast Access to Your Cash Overseas

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Best Investment Help

Miami is a beautiful place to live, but a lot of people in the area still travel overseas throughout the year on business or pleasure trips. The retirees attracted to the area tend to travel the most for pleasure, while the business professionals are more likely to travel for a combination of reasons.

There are also a number of people living in Miami who routinely use money transfers to send money home to loved ones and family members. These individuals, as well as those trying to get cash to loved ones traveling abroad, can always count on the professional assistance of top money transfer services.

What is Required

All money transfer services are required to collect specific information from their customers sending money overseas. This includes basic information and includes a government-issued form of identification.

The sender also must know the legal name of the recipient, and it must match his or her government-issued ID. In addition, they must know the location they want the money sent, and they have to have the cash and the fee cost available at the time of submitting the transfer form.

Next Steps

In order to provide security for money transfer services, the sender receives an MTCN or Money Transfer Control Number, which is a unique transaction receipt number. The sender needs to provide the MTCN number, as well as the exact amount of the transfer, to the recipient.

When the recipient arrives at the agent in the oversea’s office, he or she needs to provide government-issued ID, the MTCN number, the amount of the transfer and where the transfer is coming from.

Typically, most money transfers are completed in just minutes, with the cash available for pickup immediately. This is a fast, effective and highly secure way to transfer money anywhere in the world.

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