Is Western Union Money Transfer Safe for Sending Money Overseas?

by | Jun 16, 2022 | Financial Services

The U.S. Postal Service introduced money orders in 1865 to protect cash in the mailing system. Today, money orders have evolved, but they still accomplish the same goal.

Paying for Items with a Money Order

Money orders are readily available. You can acquire one at:


Convenience stores

A bank

A credit union

A payday loan store

A U.S. Post Office

On a typical money order, you’ll need to provide:

Your name

Your address

The recipient’s name

Your signature

When you’re done, separate the money order from the receipt, and put the receipt in a secure place. You can track or cancel the money order with the receipt if something goes wrong.

How Do Money Orders Work From the Recipient’s Perspective?

You can cash a money order like a check at a grocery store if you sign it and present a form of identity. You should never sign the back of a money order beforehand. According to federal laws, you must sign in at the counter in front of a cashier.

Money Orders Near Me – Why They’re Worth It

A money order is a smart investment because

It’s safer than a check

Most sellers will require it

It’s easy to trace

You can buy it without a bank account

A recipient can cash it overseas

How to Find Money Orders Near Me

If you need a money order for yourself or a business, contact the team at West Suburban Currency Exchange, Inc.

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