The Benefits Of Choosing An Instant Money Transfer In Miami

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Financial Institution

Today, with more options than ever to stay connected with people around the world, simple tasks like sending money can still be a challenge. Sending money by putting a check in the mail is slow, and if the receiver is in a foreign country, it can be very difficult to find a place to cash a check written on a US bank or financial institute.

There are online apps and various cash transfer systems, but they can be very costly to use, with both the sender and the receiver paying a fee to use the service. Additionally, the person receiving the funds still has to visit a specific bank or agent to access the funds, which can be particularly difficult if the individual is in another country.

A better option is to use an instant money transfer. These transfers are very safe and secure, provided you are choosing a recognized money wiring service and a reputable and trusted agent. Using a local company with branches in Miami provides you with the security of knowing the funds will be sent and received.

Sending and Receiving

The sender will need to provide cash payment for the value of the instant money transfer as well as the associated fees. Different money transfer services will charge different rates, and some have limits on what amount of money can be sent in a single transaction.

The sender will need to provide the legal name of the receiver, and this must match his or her acceptable form of identification. In addition, the sender will need to know the location the receiver will pick up the funds.

The sender will need to provide the receiver with an MTCN or Money Transfer Control Number which is unique for the transaction. The receiver will simply provide the name and location of the sender, the MTCN, and his or her identification to collect the funds.

As these instant money transfer takes just minutes to complete, they are a fast, secure and very safe option for sending money nationally or internationally without the delays, costs, and problems of using other cash transfer options.

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