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3 Overlooked Reasons To Provide Business Health Insurance

There are several obvious reasons why a small business in the Asheville, NC area would choose to offer health insurance to qualifying employees. Several reasons can be overlooked when a small business owner determines the return on investment in offering this type of health coverage.

The most often heard reasons for offering business health insurance Asheville NC include employee hiring and recruiting options. The next is often the decrease in sick days and time lost to health-related absences from the job. While these are all benefits for a small business owner to consider, there are additional benefits that can save the company money.

Tax Considerations

Asheville, NC, small business owners can use the cost of premiums as a tax deduction on federal income tax filings. In addition, some types of small businesses are eligible for a tax credit if they provide business health insurance.

Retaining Top Employees

Small business owners experience loss of quality employees to larger companies with the ability to provide increased salaries, bonuses, and benefits. By offering a robust and easy to use business health insurance plan, small businesses can compete with larger companies in this area.

Combined with a positive workplace culture and job satisfaction, employees see the advantage of staying with a smaller, local company over choosing the larger competitor.

Small Business Plans

Choosing from specialized health insurance plans designed for small businesses keeps healthcare coverage in check. It also provides the option to offer the necessary services to employees without the need to pay high premiums required by the large health insurance companies.

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